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Bottle Hygiene
Bottle Hygiene
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  • Simba two way bottle brush rounded tip efficiently and completely cleans the bottle without scratches.
  • Stainless steel helix bar tightly fixes the bristle, suitable for various feeding bottles.
  • Quality material is adapted to ensure safety and hygiene. 
  • Dual design, no worries of losing one another.

• Food Grade Ingredient
• Easy Rinsing
• Antibacterial
• Paraben-Free
• Dermatologically tested


• Food Grade Ingredient
• Easy Rinsing
• Antibacterial
• Paraben-Free
• Dermatologically tested

  • UV Sterilisation
  • Low temperature drying (65°)
  • Storage function
  • Adjustable working time
  • Buzzer sound indication
  • Easy to operate
  • Light indicator
  • Filter
  • 7 Litre inner capacity
  • Can fit up to 6 wide neck bottles
  •  Large capacity for 8 bottles (standard neck) or about 6 bottles (wide neck) and accessories including breast pump parts
  •  Digital LCD display with different working modes and time to meet different needs
  •  Easy touch panel iwth LED  display
  •  Made from BPA free materials
  •  Natural steam sterilization kills 99.9% of harmful germs
  •  Stainless steel heating base
  •  Energy saving
  •  Measuring cup & gripper are included
  •  BPA Fre
  • Infrared low-temperature drying at a controlled 40-degree celsius 
  • Advance Dot-Matrix Display
  • Double Doors
  • Automatic Sterilisation 38mins
  • UV Sterilize 10mins
  • Ventilation 10mins
  • Storage Mode automatic sterilization 2mins every 3hours
  • Store up to 16 bottles
  • A natural ventilation system that removes odor and bacteria
  • 5 sided high-quality super mirror 304 stainless steel with 1 sided UV high reflective glass panel.  This ensures 360-degree effective reflection
  • uPang's infrared bulbs dry at low temperatures below 40 degrees
  • 360 degree rotating handle, angle of handle offers effortless rotation, easier to use
  • Ergonomically designed handle allows firm and reliable grip for straight or rotational brushing
  • Stainless steel spiral bar is made from highest quality steel. No rust or deformation
  • Natural bristle brush is soft and flexible so that it does not scratch bottle, it fully touches the sides of the bottle for easy cleaning of insides and edges of bottle.
  • Small scrubber cleans the bottle cap, twist top, nipple and other tiny parts.

• Food Grade Ingredient
• Easy Rinsing
• Antibacterial
• Paraben-Free
• Dermatologically tested

  • Finger touch detection
  • Sterilizing for as fast as 6-minute with micro computer system control
  • LED timer display and countdown
  • Fits up to 6 wide neck bottles
  • Energy saving
  • Beep sound alert
  • BPA free
  • Gripping tongs included
  • Unique 180° bristle design for spray-free, no-mess cleaning
  • Leaves no milk residue behind
  • Flexible head with wave-shaped bristles that adjust to the contours of your bottle
  • Teat cleaner with spiral-shaped ridges removes residue from hard-to-reach places in teats and pump parts
  • Keeps glass and plastic free from scratches
  • Stand stores the brush upright for quick, hygienic drying
  • BPA free
  • Bottle and nipple brush with looped handle - 2 in 1 the nipple brush conveniently stores inside the handle when not in use. Simply, unscrew the handle to access the nipple brush.

  • The bottle Brush and nipple brush both have soft, durable non-scratch silicone bristles to sweep away residue easily! The textured handle allows you to get a comfortable firm grip.

  • The bottle Brush has a looped handle for easy hanging keeping your countertops dry and allows for easy storage.

  • Fits most bottle sizes; flexible neck for easy reach to get a deep clean inside bottles. Silicone nipple cleaner gets into tight spaces and is ideal for bottle nipples, sippy cup or breast pump parts. Ventilation holes help nipple cleaner dry quickly

  • Dishwasher and sterilizer safe, BPA free

  • size approx 7 x 7 x 30cm

  • Designed to use with all Dr. Brown's natural flow baby bottles
  • Keeps Dr. Brown's Vent Inserts and Vent Reservoirs clean and clear of blockage.
  • Top rack, dishwasher-safe
  • Auto shut off lets you set it and forget it
  • Included measuring cup makes it easy to fill
  • Removable tray positions the bottles perfectly
  • Built-in accessory tray holds the parts, nipples, and pacifiers
  • After sterilization, keep the bottles clean and your hands safe with the included tongs
  • Material: Plastic
  • Handle for carrying purpose
  • 2-Layers design
  • Double clip lock
  • A drawer-type tray at the bottom for water pouring
  • Dimension: 28 x 36 x 32cm

1.Quality high density sponge is easy to dry and does no scratches to bottles or nipples.
2.The sponge is manufactured through high temperature treatment which is more durable than normal sponge.
3.The extra soft sponge could clean bottles, nipples and small parts of the feeding sets.


1.High-density sponge is easy to dry and does no scratches to nipples.

2. The sponge is manufactured through high-temperature treatment which is more durable than the normal one 

3. The extra soft sponge could clean nipples and small components.

  • The Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush is designed specifically for all Dr. Brown’s bottles and features a combination bristle and sponge head to thoroughly scrub bottles clean.
  • The grooved, no-slip handle features a specially-designed ridged nipple cleaner in the base to clean your Dr. Brown’s bottle nipples.
  • Includes a suction storage clip to keep the brush conveniently near the sink.
  • Eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria & germs
  • 4 Modes function: Auto; Sterilize; Dry; Storage
  • 65 degree Celcius low heat PTC Drying Technology
  • Can put up to 6 feeding bottles
  • Can sterilize differences items such as breast pump accessories, clothes, gadgets, feeding utensils, toys etc
  • Bulit-in HEPA filter
  • Smart One-Touch operation
  • Auto-stop when cover is being opened
  • LED display 
  • Philips UV Purfication Lamp
  • Travel-friendly
  • Inner capacity: 7L
  • Energy-saving
  • Easy to operate with touch button

  • Intuitive display for easy operation & monitoring

  • Eliminates up to 99.9% of germs, bacterial, molds & viruses

  • HEPA clean filtration system is effectively barrier up to 99.7% form outside hazardous substances

  • High quality Food Grade PP material to shaped until no shape-edges

  • Power is automatically cup off when the lid is opened during operation

  • Portable size is easy to carry everywhere & more space on your counter-top

  • Lid is easy to open with a comfortable angle

  • The 7-mirror stainless steel allows the UV to refract 360 degree without hidden angle

  • Attained CB Test Certification & Low Voltage Direction Certification as a confidence assurance towards our product quality

  • Auto Storage Mode-the sterilizer will cycle between sterilization & ventilation every two hours to ensure you have clean bottles to use anytime

  • The PIGEON Bottle Nipple & Vegetable Liquid Cleanser is the ultimate natural cleanser and is essential for baby's health.
  • Kills 99.99% Bacteria
  • Made from 100% food grade (Edible) Ingredients.
  • Ideal for cleaning Nursing Bottles, Nipples, Pacifiers, Feeding Accessories, Toys as well as food such as Vegetables, Fruits, etc
  • PIGEON Liquid Cleanser is a much stronger and safe wash than regular detergent commonly found in kitchens
  • Available in 700 ml.
  • Soft bristles won’t scratch bottles
  • Grooved no-slip handle for easy grip
  • Chevron channels at base for cleaning nipples
  • Storage clip to house brush near sink
  • Dishwasher and sterilizer safe
  • BPA-free
  • Standing baby bottle brush with suction cup base

  • Flexible neck reaches the corners of every bottle shape

  • Textured, easy-grip handle prevents slipping when wet

  • Bonus, soft rubber nipple brush in handle

  • Soft nylon bristles are durable, scratch-free, and reduce splash-back

  • Ideal for cleaning most standard glass and plastic baby bottles

  • Replace brush every 30-45 days

  • Ideal cleanser that safely cares for babies
  • 100% food grade ingredients to ensure maximum safety to babies, even with cleanser residue
  • Cleans effectively, removing stubborn milk stains
  • Anti-bacteria properties, proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria
  • Can be used to wash nursing bottles, nipples, baby accessories, as well as fruits and vegetables for the family
  • Ideal cleanser that safely cares for babies
  • 100% food grade ingredients to ensure maximum safety to babies, even with cleanser residue
  • Cleans effectively, removing stubborn milk stains
  • Anti-bacteria properties, proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria
  • Can be used to wash nursing bottles, nipples, baby accessories, as well as fruits and vegetables for the family

1.USDA certified organic green tea extract, efficiently removes odors.
2.Plant-based safety ingredient used, contains no artificial color, fragrance,methanol, NP,NPEO or other harmful chemical substances, safe to use.
3.In compliance with CNS3800 and tested by SGS, neutral, nontoxic,biodegradable and leaves no residues.
4.Plant-based green cleaning agent, APG, certified by ECOCERT, gently and efficiently removes milk stains and bacteria.


- Big brush for the bottle, small brush for the teat (nipple).
- The 360-degree rotatable brush handle makes cleaning easy and fun and cleans the inside and the inner-corner easily, effortlessly and properly.

  • High hardness and heat & break-resistance glass door
  • Anion air purification- keeps internal air fresh
  • Large compartment with double layers rack
  • Can sterilize up to 8 standard & wide neck bottles at one time
  • Bottle stand to keep bottles upright
  • Philips UV lights- sterilize 99.9% of germs
  • Microcomputer device- 3 settings and 3 timings
  • 3 settings: Hot air auxiliary, Anion purification, UV sterilization
  • 3 timings: 15min, 30min, 60min
  • Hot air auxiliary to speed up the drying process
  • Using 304 stainless steel for great reflection and kills germs in every corner of the sterilizer
  • Anti-cockroach design- Silicone rubber side to prevent insects going into the sterilizer
  • Replacement sponges for Assembled Bottle Scrubber (830173)
  • Soft anti-bacterial sponge is safe and sanitary
  • Kills 99.9% of harmful germs
  • Sterilizes in 6 minutes
  • Fits 6 Philips Avent bottles
  • Adjustable 3-in-1 design
  • Sterilizes 6 regular standard size bottles/accessories, feeding containers or nursery products
  • Sterilize in 8 minutes
  • Kills germs
  • Stands upright, away from household germs
  • Durable bristles are scratch-free, yet soft
  • Soft rubber nipple brush is gentle on small parts
  • Ideal for standard and angled bottles
  • Top rack dishwasher safe

1 Extra wide brush head for most wide neck bottles and cups reaches hard to clean areas.
2 Durable nylon bristles.
3 Non-slip handle.
4 Pull out teat/spout brush with soft TPE construction, shaped to ensure effective cleaning.


• Extended handle reaches all the way inside of straws
• Tiny bristles provide 360 degree cleaning
• Handle features hook for hanging storage
• Features our Piyo Piyo design
• Package includes 2 anti-bacterial straw scrubbers

  • Our Bottle & Utensil Cleaner has ABSOLUTELY ZERO nasties, and cleans all of baby’s bottles and utensils gently and effectively!
  • The plant protein and sugar-derived cleaner leaves minimal impact on the environment as it is highly biodegradable, and with a gentle scent derived entirely from plant essential oils.

1) A sleek "No Button" Design
2) Dynamic True Colour Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
3) Coated with High-End Insulation Finishing
4) Powerful Advanced Twin-UV Technology (2 UV Light Lamps- Shorten Sterilization Period)
5) "STORE" function- automatic sterilize every 4 hours
6) Built in HEPA air filtration system- reduce odour on bottle

  • Soft Brush (silicone)
  • Innovative design
  • Extra soft and completely non-scratch
  • Bristles are very flexible and adapt to all MAM bottles - and other baby bottles